Symantec Endpoint Protection:

To sustain your operations, your business and even your brand, you need to recover from a system failure as quickly as possible. But manual system recovery processes and solutions that depend on user intervention prolong system downtime — and potential losses. Symantec System Recovery 2011 offers a superior solution by delivering fast and reliable system recovery that helps you minimize downtime and meet recovery time objectives with confidence. In just four simple steps, quickly restore physical and virtual systems in minutes, even to bare metal, dissimilar hardware, virtual environments, or remote locations with Symantec’s patented Restore Anyware technology. Built on 10 years of research and development and with more than 787,000 protected systems, Symantec System Recovery is one of the most proven, trusted, and reliable system recovery solutions.

Case Study:
“Before Symantec System Recovery it required four hours or more to perform a full system recovery. Now it takes less than 45 minutes.”
 Yaniv Dinar, IT and Infrastructure
Manager, Starhome

Key Features

  • Backup systems automatically, while you work through scheduled or event-driven backups
  • Dissimilar Hardware Recovery with Restore Anyware Technology
  • Offsite Backup Copy to FTP location or secondary disk drive for enhanced disaster recovery capabilities
  • Seamless physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to physical (V2P) conversions for VMware, Microsoft and Citrix virtual environments

Key Benefits

  • Manage your business not your backups with proactive data and system protection
  • Recover what you need, when and where you need it, including individual files, folders or complete systems in minutes, even to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments
  • Replace time-consuming manual and error-prone processes with fast, reliable, automated recovery to dramatically minimize downtime and avoid disaster
  • Simplify IT administration by centrally managing backup and recovery tasks for multiple servers across your entire organization (via Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution)

New Features
Windows Server 2008 R2 Support.
Support for Microsoft’s latest Server Operating System, including Restore Anyware technology for dissimilar hardware and P2V restoration.

  • Full system backup and recovery of the latest Microsoft operating systems
  • Allows organizations who are moving to these new environments to ensure that their systems are enabled for rapid recovery of systems and data

Granular Restore Option – now included with the core product at no additional cost
Restore granular items such as Exchange email, SharePoint documents or files and folders in seconds from a single interface.

  • Saves on backup time and storage consumption
  • Recover Exchange mailboxes, folders, or individual messages with any associated attachments – without requiring full mailbox backups.
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