Reasons to choose SAP on Azure for your business

Last few years have seen large and medium enterprises moving to cloud. When an organization plans its cloud journey a number of factors will be considered, out of which cost plays a major role. However the benefits of moving to cloud overpowers the cost aspect of it as it facilitates the enterprise to progress to be a leader in this dynamic market.

Especially when it comes to running SAP workloads it goes unsaid that to suit the current market trends of digitalization and innovation moving to cloud is a wiser choice. Microsoft Azure one of the dominant players have witnessed significant growth in the market as it offers an ideal solution to run SAP workloads that comes with an array of benefits such as being simple, cost effective, scalable, productive and secure.

Why 'SAP on Azure' would be the right choice for the future of your business

Simple and Cost Effective

With a simple infrastructure, SAP on Azure is time saving since it can be managed easily than on-premises ones, that being said independency of Azure infrastructure facilitates the development teams to make changes to SAP workloads quickly nearly as 200 to 300 times faster than on premise infrastructure. Moreover, the hosting costs can be significantly reduced by leveraging the option to stop the development and testing when not in use that could nearly save 10% to 20% of cost when compared to an on premise one and overall reduce up to 40% to 50% of total cost of ownership. Adding to the cost reduction is the storage factor of Azure. The storage costs in cloud is much cheaper when compared to the on premise one and with hybrid options provided by Azure enables the business to suit the best solution for it's SAP landscape.

Scalability and Productivity

When SAP runs on Azure, the enterprise benefits from the option to scale up or scale down depending on the business requirement. This flexibility is an enticing factor for business to make the move towards SAP on Azure as an economical choice. In addition being able to manage data through cloud shortens the business processes facilitating the business teams to concentrate on innovating products and achieving faster time to market.

Data-driven Insights

Businesses are challenged by changing market trends and it becomes crucial for any business to update themselves quickly as possible to survive the intensity of the changing market needs. SAP HANA powered by Azure will significantly improve business processes and extends the capability of the business to utilize the real-time data to innovate and thrive in the market with insights derived from it. Furthermore this creates business value as the stored data can be leveraged as a strategic asset to favour the business in faster decision making process and to stay ahead of the competition.

Security, Compliance and Back Up

Microsoft's high-grade security system is manifested into Azure platform, assuring all its enterprise customers with undoubted security and upgrades. In addition to that Azure holds nearly 70 compliance certification covering industry and international specifications in turn safeguarding the business with any disruption. Moreover, with its economical backup and disaster recovery services supports the business to run hassle free without any interruption. With recovery being automated in Azure, the retrieval of data can be achieved within hours.

To thrive in today's business world running SAP on Azure becomes a strategic choice given its range of benefits. Deploying SAP on Azure can support the business to expand manifold through innovation by improving the speed to response to changing market needs. Start on your cloud journey with Azure and reap the benefits of it for your business to grow.

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